Wildlife in Shiretoko and Yellowstone National Parks

Wildlife in Shiretoko and Yellowstone National Parks

'Wildlife in Shiretoko and Yellowstone National Park' provides latest research outcomes and analysis on wildlife and park management from both of these World Natural Heritage Sites.

Contributors including Dale R. McCullough, Charles C. Schwartz, and many other Japanese and American experts offer penetrating insights on co-habitat with bears, reintroduction of extinct species, and possible solutions for expanding Sika deer population. With full English translation.


PrefaceNoriyuki Ohtaishi1204
About the Authors (Japanese and English)33
Explanations of terms (Japanese)11 
Chapter 1Introduction to Yellowstone - Shiretoko National Park Comparison
Dale R. McCullough
Chapter 2   
1.Science Meets Policy in Yellowstone20209
2.Historical View of Shiretoko National Park
Hajime Nakagawa
3.The Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd: Management Actions and Natural Regulation
Peter J. P. Gogan, Thomas O. Lemke, Daniel B. Tyers, Patrick J. White
4.The Shiretoko Sika Deer Herd: Management Policy and Natural Regulation
Koichi Kaji, Hideaki Okada, Masao Kohira, Masami Yamanaka
5.Grizzly Bear Management in Yellowstone National Park: The Heart of Recovery in the Yellowstone Ecosystem
Charles C. Schwartz, Kerry Gunther
6.Controlled Exposure: Demographic Trends, Dispersal Patterns, and Management of Brown Bears in Shiretoko National Park
Masao Kohira, Hideaki Okada, Masami Yamanaka
7.Wolf Restoration in Yellowstone National Park
Douglas Smith, Daniel Stahler, Debra Guernsey, Ed Bangs
8.Extirpation of Wolves in Hokkaido and Possibility of Wolf Reintroduction in Shiretoko National Park
Akiko Kameyama
9.The Mesocarnivores of Yellowstone National Park: Observed and Potential Responses to Wolf Reintroduction
Eric M. Gese
10.Current Status of Mesocarnivores in Shiretoko National Park and the Surrounding Area
Takahiro Murakami, Hideharu Tsukada
11.Ecosystem Research and Modeling in Protected Areas with Large Mammals: Yellowstone as a case study
Michael B. Coughenour
12.Philosophy, Policy, and Conflict at Yellowstone National Park
Michael V. Finley
13.Conservation and Management Policy in Shiretoko National Park
Atsuhiro Yoshinaka
14.Social and Political Problems Related to Wildlife and Park Management in Shiretoko National Park
Masami Yamanaka
Chapter 3Symposium and Excursion
Yuka Kato
Chapter 4Wildlife Management in National Parks and Reserves: A Case Study in Shiretoko159295
1.Summary of Comments at Experts Meeting
Yuka Kato, Masami Yamanaka
2.Wildlife Management in Shiretoko National Park
Dale R. McCullough
3.Future of Shiretoko: a response to the Yellowstone researchers
Masami Yamanaka, Koichi Kaji
Literature Cited (Japanese and English)183183
* Note: Tables and figures are included either in the corresponding Japanese section or in the gravure section.

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