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We need your help to hand down Shiretoko’s natural grandeur to the future.

We at Shiretoko Nature Foundation have conducted environmental education and awareness-raising activities, forest restoration work, wildlife studies and various conservation and management activities based at the Shiretoko National Park Nature Center and Rausu Visitor Center since incorporating in 1988. Our activities are supported by volunteers as well as supporting members who entrust us with their donations out of love for the Shiretoko wilderness.

Please support our activities to hand down the Shiretoko World Natural Heritage Site to the future.

Become a supporting member?

Anyone who loves the natural splendor of Shiretoko can become a member. Please entrust us with your generosity to support nature conservation activities in Shiretoko. It is a way to remain connected to Shiretoko even if it may be too far away to visit frequently.

Membership Types

  • Individual Annual Member (Term: one year; membership fee: 5,000 yen)
  • Individual Lifetime Member (Term: lifelong; membership fee: 100,000 yen)
  • Corporate Annual Member (Term: one year; membership fee: 20,000 yen)
  • Corporate Special Annual Member (Term: one year; membership fee: 100,000 yen)

Details / how to sign up

We are very sorry that procedures to sign up as a supporting member are handled only in Japanese. Regarding procedures to apply for membership, please refer to the following (Japanese only):

Regarding the newsletter for members

Members are provided the "SEEDS" newsletter on a quarterly basis as well as various printed materials. We ask in advance for your understanding that these are provided only in Japanese.

Regarding donations

We also welcome anyone who entrusts us with their donations out of love for the natural beauty of Shiretoko. Over the years, donations from many individuals and corporations have been used to conduct research on wildlife, to develop traveling environmental education kits for schools, as well as to publish picture books on how to prevent conflict between wildlife and humans. Many things can be achieved with your generosity. We look forward to your kind cooperation.

How to make a donation

We are very sorry that the procedures for making a donation are handled only in Japanese. Regarding procedures to make a donation, please refer to the following (Japanese only):

Why not try volunteer work?

"I want to do something for nature in Shiretoko!"

If that is how you feel, why not try working in the scenic outdoors of Shiretoko with the staff of Shiretoko Nature Foundation? You will not only contribute to conserving nature, but also get back in touch with nature, experience hands-on work with our staff, and perhaps gain a deeper understanding of Shiretoko.

The following are examples of the volunteer activities:

Forest restoration

1) Forest restoration

Forest restoration work varies by season. You can learn about the forest and commune with it through such activities as weeding and transplanting of saplings, truly gaining a "roll up your sleeves" experience of conservation activities in Shiretoko.

Awareness raising

2) Awareness raising

There are various activities to inform visitors about nature and conservation in Shiretoko, such as assisting the lectures, developing educational materials and so on.


3) Research

Processing of samples is essential work for collecting basic research data. Wildlife specimens and other samples are processed, and data is collected and collated.

Self-initiated activities

4) Self-initiated activities

It is also possible to plan activities at your own initiative according to any ideas or proposals you may have. For details, please consult with our volunteer coordinator.

How to sign up

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to participate in or sign up for our activities, or if you have any questions. However, we ask in advance for your understanding that all volunteer sign-up and orientation procedures will be handled only in the Japanese language.

Please refer to following for the details (Japanese only):

Why not join the 100 ㎡ Movement?

Why not join the 100 m² Movement?

The "100 m² Movement Forest Trust," which is an initiative to restore forest on abandoned farmlands remaining in Shiretoko peninsula, is also being carried out with donations from people who love the natural grandeur of Shiretoko. Won’t you join this movement, sharing the vision of a splendid forest revived one or two hundred years from now? The standard donation is 5000 yen or more, but any amount is most welcome.

How to sign up for / donate to the movement

Please sign up with Shari Township, which is the sponsor for this movement. We are very sorry that procedures to join the movement are handled only in Japanese. For details regarding procedures to sign up for the movement, please refer to the following (Japanese only):